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When the Professor Offers to Help, Don’t Stand Her Up College Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Sometimes students struggle in college. Maybe they are a first generation college student and have no idea of how to study. Perhaps this is their first semester of online classes and are lost at how to navigate the course material. It happens. The key to success in a time of stress is to reach out the professor. And then don’t stand her up...

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Choosing Really Bad Topics for Assignments or How to Really Tick off the Professor College Life / Uncategorized / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: How do you pick a topic to write about? Hopefully, you do not seek out the one topic that the professor will hate and focus all of your attention on that. Case in point: I teach a few classes per year as an adjunct full professor for a college I have been with for the past ten or more years. I enjoy teaching...

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Nontraditional Students? How Do You Cope? College Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: I run into nontraditional students (AKA older than most of the other folks) all the time these days. When I was an undergraduate (2001-2006), I was a rarity. But as the divorce rate leaves 813,000 people per year alone and 800,000 people per year are widowed, more people (mostly women, from my observation) are trying to further their careers by going back to...

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Class Started Today but You Were a No-show College Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: There are times when you should be in class. In my humble opinion, this should be every day. Apparently, you think differently. Just like last term and the semester before, you didn’t show up for the first class meeting. We accomplished quite a bit today. We went over the syllabus in detail (yes, I know that must be a dreadful bore but now...

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Incomplete Does Not Mean You are a Nincompoop, It Just Means You Need to Get Busy College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Sometimes, the end of the semester comes before the end of your work. Now, if you are just poorly organized, you can’t really expect the professor to cut you a break. On the other hand, if your computer woke you up with the black screen of death, your father had a stroke, your son got a broken arm, and your daughter just had...

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Students are a Blessing; Some More than Others College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: I love my students. They are cheerful (usually), intelligent (for the most part), and hard workers ( 9 times out of 10). They are engaged in the subject matter and love to get me to go off script when I’m lecturing and encourage me to head down a rabbit trail. And that’s fine. The times when we have our greatest time of fellowship...

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