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Interfacing with your college professor College Life / Suddenly Single

Hello everyone: This blog is about interacting with your online or face-to-face college professor in a way that will save you both a lot of time. When you email the prof, make sure that you state clearly in which one of his or her classes you are enrolled. We waste valuable time either looking up your enrollment or asking you via return email which course...

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College idea of the day: Writing Centers Books / College Life / Suddenly Single / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: College writing centers can be a wonderful asset to the beginning college student. When I began college as a nontraditional (e.i. “older”) student, I had been out of the classroom for many, many years. I hadn’t written an essay since high school. Even though I was considered a pretty decent writer back then, I had forgotten many of the basics of essay writing....

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More college ideas: taking online classes College Life / Suddenly Single

Hello everyone: Taking an online course can be daunting. Perhaps you are not great with computers. Maybe you have the great vanishing professor (who rarely shows up for class and takes forever to answer your frantic emails). One thing is for sure: online classes take a great deal of personal discipline. Here are some tips for getting through them successfully. First, set aside every day...

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How to be well organized in college College Life / Suddenly Single

Hello everyone: I speak to you today as someone who did two majors at the same time while also home schooling, being active in my church,  and running a small business. How did I keep things straight? By using a calendar the way in which I am about to share. Purchase an academic calendar at an office supply company- get one that has an entire...

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More college tips College Life / Suddenly Single

Hello everyone: It is sometimes challenging to take off my college-instructor hat, so here is another tip for preparing for college assignments. First, the news: college still has homework. One time I was teaching a Saturday course for a local community college. One of my students, an older woman, listened to my syllabus presentation and discussion of homework. After I finished, she said, “But I...

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Preparing a college essay Books / College Life / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: This blog post comes after a busy day of grading papers at the three colleges where I teach. Here are some tips I wish my students knew about writing an essay for college: Before you submit a paper, read it out loud. You will find mistakes you had no idea were there! Do not write a run-on sentence. If, as you read the...

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