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The Fast Track to New Glasses College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Have you ever gone to get new glasses and found the process long, complicated, and boring? I have a fast way to get glasses that will look great and will be everything you’d hoped for. First, make sure your hair and makeup are exactly how you usually wear them. You want to give the salesperson your usual look, not something you just tried...

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Show up for the First Day of Class or You May be Playing Catch-up for the Rest of the Term College Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Today, I had four online classes start. They were all pretty full, meaning that I have 70 new students as of today. You know how many showed up for class? Less than ten. Less than 1/7th of the students cared enough to be there. In a residential program, that would make for a very empty classroom. It did online, as well. Guess what?...

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Using Your Spring Break Wisely College Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Spring break! How wonderful! A great time is to be had by all, right? Well maybe it shouldn’t be. There was a gal in my Spanish class at UMD who talked about her spring break at length when she returned from a holiday. She had gotten SO drunk in Mexico that she…. but, no, this is a family-oriented blog posting. I won’t tell...

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Beware of tunnel scams College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: I was faced with another scam recently and I wanted to pass it along to you. Based on the website for the Elizabeth River Tunnel company, I am not the only person who has been charged with running their toll gate without paying. Here is my reply to their bill for about $6.00. It’s not the bill; it’s the ethics involved.

Please Don’t Over-Share College Life / Home Life

Hello everyone: You know the type: this person seems really nice but then he or she starts talking. Within minutes the individual has shared every bad thing that has ever happened to him or her for the past _____ years. Please don’t do that to your professor. I am not a trained psychologist. I am not your therapist. I am not the Psycho warden. I...

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Whac-A-Mole Backpacks College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Backpacks are a wonderful invention. The amazing thing about them is that, when someone has strapped his or hers on, it seems to magically disappear. You know how that goes. The person has a fully-loaded knapsack and seems completely oblivious to the havoc he or she is raising by -oops- turning around and smacking all passersby with that whac-a-mole backpack. This seems to...

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Plan your work backwards College Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Sometimes, it is difficult to know when to begin work on an assignment. Plan backwards, if you want to get a quick handle on when things need to be accomplished. Figure out your due date by looking at the syllabus. Let’s say that your due date for the next major paper is February 8th. Today is January 23rd. If you are well-organized, you...

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How to Wow a Professor Who is not Easily Wowed College Life

Hello everyone: I started a new teaching assignment today. I’ve been an adjunct professor for 12 1/2 years now, but today was the first time I stood in front of a class as an Associate Professor. What an experience! I have moved out of secular colleges and into the world of full time residential work at a large Christian university. Let me tell you about...

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