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Just for fun: The Twilight Zone Flight Hobbies & Travel

Hello everyone: Yesterday afternoon, I was scheduled to take a flight from Florida to Baltimore. We got on the flight at 5 pm, with a scheduled departure of 5:30. [Sit down and fasten your seat belts.] Well, the departure time came around and we noticed that a technician had boarded our plane because of a seat belt that wouldn’t buckle and a tray table that...

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Just for fun: Death by Porta Potty Hobbies & Travel / Home Life

Hello everyone: I told this story to my face-to-face classes yesterday and they suggested I share it with you, so here goes. BTW, the situation is true and just happened to me yesterday morning. I was on my way to Prince Frederick yesterday morning, driving down the highway, when I noticed a flatbed trailer holding 8 Porta Potties right in front of me. We were...

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Maneuvering in store parking lots Hobbies & Travel / Suddenly Single

Hello everyone: It’s Christmas time and all the nut jobs are working overtime, or so it seems. While many completely sane people (like you and me) are trying to make it through Blood Alley (aka shopping center parking lots) alive, there are some definite things not to do. (Please note that I observed this this afternoon in my local grocery store parking lot, so this...

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