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Banana Bread Dreams Home Life / Uncategorized

Hi everyone: My mother passed along a fantastic banana bread recipe to me and I would love to share it with you today. Here goes: Two large, overripe bananas (with lots of brown spots on the skin) 1 stick of margarine or butter, softened 2 cups of flour 1/2 cup chopped pecans (if desired) 1/2 cup of sugar I egg I teaspoon of baking soda...

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Twelve Commandments for a Miserable Marriage Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: I knew a fellow who followed these commandments to a “T.” I hope you don’t know anyone like this, but I would advise not following these ideas if you want to be happy: Always belittle your wife; point out her every flaw so that she is aware of them. Show no interest in anything she likes to do; open hostility towards her interests...

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Happy Father’s Day Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Parents are frequently our unsung heroes. I thought of this as we were celebrating Father’s Day today. Happily, my father is still alive. I am excited for the opportunity to spend time with him in the autumn of his life. I share memories that he no longer has, like how we used to drive our car on Cocoa Beach and take a picnic...

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Don’t Depend on the Professor to Bail You Out College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: This term has been an interesting one. I have a couple of online students who depended on my grace to get them through the semester. One claimed he didn’t know we had a semester-end project due. Apparently, he never read the syllabus, the course schedule, any of my announcements, or any of the emails I sent him. He submitted a half-effort the last...

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Light Bulbs Going Off College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Sometimes, it takes a little while before the light bulbs go off. What I mean by this is that some students don’t get themselves together academically for a while. For some, it takes longer than for others. I once knew a man who had 120 credits (enough for a bachelor’s degree) but he didn’t even have an associate’s degree (60 credits). His wife...

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This Weekend’s Radio and Television Appearances Books / College Life / Hobbies & Travel / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hi Everyone: I will be on the Andre Whitehead shows this weekend. Here is a list of those appearances. I hope you can tune in. I also hope I didn’t embarrass myself! This weekend we’ll introduce you to an author, educator and blogger discussing becoming “Suddenly Single!” You just have to meet Sheri Dean Parmelee on TV Sat 7am WGNT/27 in Tidewater, Sun 9am on...

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Getting Home from the Airport Successfully College Life / Hobbies & Travel / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Traveling has become a recent occurrence in my life ever since my mother died. About once a month, I go from Point A to Point B to visit my elderly father. One thing I learned pretty quickly was that it is very easy to lose your car in a 9-story parking garage at the airport. Covered parking is only one of the options...

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The Fast Track to New Glasses College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: Have you ever gone to get new glasses and found the process long, complicated, and boring? I have a fast way to get glasses that will look great and will be everything you’d hoped for. First, make sure your hair and makeup are exactly how you usually wear them. You want to give the salesperson your usual look, not something you just tried...

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Beware of tunnel scams College Life / Home Life / Uncategorized

Hello everyone: I was faced with another scam recently and I wanted to pass it along to you. Based on the website for the Elizabeth River Tunnel company, I am not the only person who has been charged with running their toll gate without paying. Here is my reply to their bill for about $6.00. It’s not the bill; it’s the ethics involved.

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