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Writing assignment gone bad College Life / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: I recently received a 7-paragraph list of answers to questions that had been posted for a writing assignment. While the answers were rather nice, they did not follow the assignment’s instructions. Instead of writing a 17-page paper like one of the other classmates, this individual wrote a total of 2 pages. [Note: The other papers in the class were a minimum of 8...

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Sending notes to the ill Suddenly Single / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: This might be an unexpected blog posting for this time of year, but have you thought about sending notes to folks who are ill?  Your thoughtful comments would mean so much to someone who is hurting. Here are some tips on how to approach this: You do not need a fancy, pre-printed card. Food stores (like Safeway, in my neck of the woods)...

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Basic writing tips for college students College Life / Suddenly Single / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: Today’s blog is on writing for college. Having taught college for 11 years, there are some tips I would like to share with you. First, please use commas with introductory words and phrases. An example of an introductory word is seen in my previous sentence. If you are looking for an introductory phrase, I just gave you one in this sentence. These phrases...

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College idea of the day: Writing Centers Books / College Life / Suddenly Single / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: College writing centers can be a wonderful asset to the beginning college student. When I began college as a nontraditional (e.i. “older”) student, I had been out of the classroom for many, many years. I hadn’t written an essay since high school. Even though I was considered a pretty decent writer back then, I had forgotten many of the basics of essay writing....

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Preparing a college essay Books / College Life / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: This blog post comes after a busy day of grading papers at the three colleges where I teach. Here are some tips I wish my students knew about writing an essay for college: Before you submit a paper, read it out loud. You will find mistakes you had no idea were there! Do not write a run-on sentence. If, as you read the...

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